Thoughts #1 From a New #NGSS & More Blogger


Working with a 4th grade teacher for the last two months has been an amazing NGSS learning journey for me. We planned, we planned, we planned. We taught, we revised, we taught and revised again. I hope we offered the students quality science instruction but as early NGSS implementers we are are questioning everything we do.  We  asked the students to grapple with phenomena and construct a collaborative model that demonstrated their initial thinking about “how the energy ball lit up and buzzed”. :”How does the energy Ball demonstrate energy transfer”? These were the driving questions based on the anchoring event. Every other learning experience in this instructional sequence had its roots in these driving questionsenergy ball

I learned so much by just observing carefully. I watched what the students were doing and listened to what they were saying as they investigated.  I learned that this instructional sequence which was begun a year ago, piloted, gone through revisions and after this pilot still could be made better. As I said in the beginning of this post, this was a NGSS journey. I think have many more NGSS excursions to make.


One thought on “Thoughts #1 From a New #NGSS & More Blogger

  1. “We taught, we revised. . .” Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing that aspect of your implementation. I think it’s important for all of us involved to realize that it’s going to take a lot of revision over the next few years to get this right. Our revision process sound a bit like the engineering design process (test, revise, retest, repeat). I can’t wait to hear what you share next


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